100% Natural, Tasty Treats for Happy Pets

Say WOOF to healthier snacking with our all-natural pet treats. Pamper your pet with delicious, nutritious treats from our Gold Coast store.

100% Natural, Tasty Treats for Happy Pets

Say WOOF to healthier snacking and pamper your pet with delicious treats from Maxitreats.

100% All Natural

Pet Treats

Australian owned & operated

Preservative Free

Delicious Treats

Is your pet missing out on safe and tasty treats?

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to be happy and healthy. One way to show our love is by giving them treats, but are these treats safe and truly delicious for them?

At Maxitreats, we understand the importance of providing high-quality, safe, and delicious treats for pets.

Every Maxitreat is guaranteed to spoil your pet!

Taste it, Love it


Happy Treats = Happy Pets

We listen to what our customers are seeking from their pet treats. For some they’re looking for easily transportable treats that can be used during training or when showing their dogs at competition. For others they’re looking for nutritional supplements to help in treating the signs of ageing, for instance inflammation in joints or lack of appetite. Others are looking for great value boredom busters that will keep their pet occupied whilst their unattended.  Whatever you’re looking for in your pet treats, Maxitreats has it covered.

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Our Furry Friend's Stories

Sue Lundon
Sue Lundon
August 31, 2022
I had the good fortune to come across this Family owned business at a local market. My fur baby is on hypo-allergenic dog food so I am very cautious with the claim that the products were 100% protein with no preservatives. Happy to say there has been no reactions. The prices are great and my pup absolutely loves them. Bonus for me is when I run out of my stash, I can reorder online.
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell
June 28, 2022
I recently bought some Maxitreats Chicken Jerky for my Cavoodle Molly and she loves them. You can really tell the difference between theirs and the supermarket stuff. Obviously so much better, they actually smell like real meat. I'll be sure to go back for some more. Thanks guys.
David Stalker
David Stalker
June 4, 2022
An amazing Gold Coast based business that cares as much about your animal as you do. With no chemicals or additives we have noticed our two fur babies have less stomach upsets, glowing coats and more energy for walkies time. You’d be barking mad not to give your pets the best!
Kate Littlehales
Kate Littlehales
May 10, 2022
I can't say enough wonderful things about Maxitreats! Their customer service is excellent, great communication, and my order arrived very quickly. The quality of their products is amazing - my dogs love the treats so much, that as soon as I open the bag they come running. I love that I can buy one bag and the treats are suitable for both my large and small dogs - the chicken and kangaroo jerky is so easy to snap into bit size pieces for my little dog. I can't speak highly enough of Maxitreats!
Caela Hanson
Caela Hanson
May 3, 2022
Fantastic real food products for my dogs at very affordable prices. The staff are friendly, informative and are passionate about what they do. As a pet nutritionist I am very selective about what I recommend, the products Maxi Treats sells are one of the best on the market.